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Bay Leaf
  • Bay Leaf ExportersBay Leaf
Bay Leaf
Dark green leaves with olive green underside; dark green to purplish brown stems

SHAPE : Large oval leaves with pointed tips arranged alternately along round stems.
SIZE : Sprigs < 300 mm long. Leaves up to 80 mm long.
Celery Seeds
  • Celery Seeds ExportersCelery Seeds
Celery Seeds
Appearance : Small aromatic olive green to brown oval seeds
Flavour : Typical, bitter
Coriander Seeds
  • Coriander Seeds ExportersCoriander Seeds
Coriander Seeds
Botanical name : Coriander Sativum
Family Name : Apiaceae
Part used : Leaf & Seed
Flavour : The seeds are warm, mild and sweetish.
Packing : 18 kgs/25 kgs /40 kgs in Jute Bags or As per buyer’s requirement